Add colour to your living room with these splendid ideas!

Add colour to your living room with these splendid ideas!

Are you looking for some interesting ways of renovating and decorating your home, especially the living room? As a matter of fact, it is a daunting as well as fretting task. However, you don’t need to do much to pick-up the look of your room. Just a few simple things and you are done. The most important aspect to consider is your living room colour.

Top picks of making your living room colourful

Liven up your living space with these wonderful tips.

Paint a single wall

It is the easiest way of adding a splash of colour to your room. Not only it will act as the focal point but will attract interest also. The wall with the niche can be the perfect choice for extra colour.

Choose a bold, contrasting colour with a subtle tone darker from the rest of the walls.

Throw colour all around the room in the form of cushions

Throwing colourful pillows on the furniture is one of the best strategies of making your room colourful. Either choose the coloured, patterned pillows or solid coloured cushions for comfort and the right splash of shades.

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How about adding a bit Mother Nature?

Having flowers or plants around can add colour, fragrance, personality and a good vibe to your room. Buy little plants that don’t need extra care and nourishment.

Even if you don’t have time to take care of your little ones, you can buy some artificial ones from the market. Instead of watering, these plants just need to be dusted.

natural plants for living room colour

Whimsical lamps act as a focal point

Usually, it is difficult to add some shades into a traditional living room. However, you can easily do so by selecting a whimsical or colourful lamp. You can even put some interesting pot or sculpture to add a twist.

Interesting shapes, trimmed fringes, beads or ribbons, there can be a number of things of splashing colour.

Splurge some colour on the floor

How about placing a colourful rug beneath your couches and coffee table? Place it strategically on the top of hardwood flooring, painted floors or tiles.

Choose a rug that contrasts perfectly with the upholstery of your living room. The interesting and colourful pattern will tie your space in a theme indeed.

Freshen up the room with chair cushions

Consider recovering the seat covers of your desk chairs or side chairs. The fresh colour will not only seek interest but will bring life to your dreary corner.


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