A complete Santoro Gorjuss collection for beautiful girls out there!

A complete Santoro Gorjuss collection for beautiful girls out there!

The lifestyle fashion accessory brand, Santoro Gorjuss is loved by people of all ages indeed, especially girls. The collectible range includes everything from accessories and giftware to wonderful stationery and eclectic home collection.

The brand is deeply cherished because each and everything is made with great love and care. Moreover, even the slightest details are taken care of while constructing them.

The designs of the collectible are not only beautiful but they are equally functional as well. Most of all, the brand has secured a top position because of its thought-provoking art.

We have mentioned a few Santoro Gurjuss products that are high in demand.

Santoro Gorjuss Small Wallet – Pulling on your Heart Strings

This pulling on your heartstrings wallet from the Santoro Gorjuss house is an ideal choice for collecting and storing your money. This is a sensational small wallet that features beautiful Santoro artwork.

Firstly, there are beautiful compartments that make it easier for you to organise your cards and pennies. Next, there is this coordinating zip that fastens the security of your money.

The wallet is made from PU leather which is attractive and durable.

The approximate size of the wallet is 9 cm wide, 14 cm high and 2 cm thick.

Santoro Gorjuss 2020 Wooden Block Calendar

What can be more appropriate as a gift for New Year! Everyone needs a new calendar as soon as the New Year starts. People need it for writing their appointments, checking their schedules or marking their expenses. This desk calendar is made on wooden blocks indeed.

You can check the view from month to month and every month’s blog is beautifully designed with a beautiful picture inscribed on it. Obviously, it starts in January and lasts until December.

Furthermore, the dimensions of this beautiful calendar are 12x3x12 cm. You can choose it with one or more products from the same brand.

Santoro Gorjuss 631GJ06 The Hatter Figurine Moulded Keyring

Keyrings not only help you in protecting and keeping your key but they help in displaying your style as well. Keyrings are a major factor of personalization as well.

The beautiful Santoro Gorjuss keyrings are more than ideal for young girls. The pretty doll idols steal their hearts.

First of all, this is an easy to use keyring. Second, it is made from metal which is quite durable. Many girls attach them to their wallets as well. This little girl keyring contributes to being an excellent gift as well.

Santoro Gorjuss Boxed Mug – Pom – Pom

No matter you love drinking tea, coffee or milk. A beautiful mug simply enhances your experience.

This is a beautiful Gorjuss pom Pom mug. It is ideal for kids as well as girls.

You can also use it for gifting purposes as it comes in a wonderful box. The size of the mug is 8×7.5 cm.

The capacity of this mug is 330 ml.

Most of all, the mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

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