7 Tips for Maximizing Space at Home

It’s not always easy to tidy up your things when you live in a small apartment or with a compulsive accumulator person! Yet, there are always some solutions and tips you can find and follow to overcome this discomfort.

A cry that tears the night apart … It’s the reaction of your partner who, on getting up to go to the bathroom, has tripped over some knickknacks lying on the floor. These cute little items brought back from your last trip abroad even though you already don’t have much room at home will be the main topic to talk about for the next day and may be for the whole week, that’s for sure! Tomorrow morning, it’s going to grumble harshly at breakfast, and you’re going to have to promise to pack away everything. And here comes our main role where we will provide you 7 tips for maximizing space at home and for tidying up your mess!

Divide the Living Spaces

You live in a very small apartment where you can’t enjoy the mere functionality of each room, because simply there isn’t any individual room! An open-plan or also known as open concept living room, dining room and kitchen might be considered as a bad idea for some people; but when you don’t have any choice but living in such a place, you have to figure out some solutions to make a clever separation of areas and to win more valuable spaces. So why not using a room divider such as a bookshelf or a buffet? And in this way, you have a great display and additional storage that split and distinct your living spaces.

Opt for Sliding Doors

No more big bulky doors, opt for sliding doors! Sliding doors are perfect for small apartments and houses where a normal door opening wouldn’t be easy (especially in bathrooms, cupboards, etc.). In fact, each sliding door saves you 1 m², which is anything but negligible in a cramped space!

In addition, a sliding door can also replace a divider. A suspended sliding divider gives you the opportunity to expand or separate a room as you wish and according to your desires.

This kind of doors allow you to make better use of space with their smooth movement, enhance the aesthetic of any home, save space and even create a new room.

Arrange Every Corner of Your Home

The solution to your lack of space was there, in front of your eyes from the beginning! In every house the smallest space and corner is valuable and can be extremely useful.

  • Above the door: Perfect for attaching small shelves and storing things you don’t use every day (books, vinyls, etc.).
  • Under stairs storage: These are often quite large spaces, useful to fit a wardrobe, a bookcase, bookshelf or a bench for example.
  • Corridors: These are not just transit zones. Small pieces of furniture and small bookcases can be put in to free up space elsewhere.
  • Headboards: Stylish and practical, the headboards can be used as storage to free up space in the bedroom.
  • The space between the sofa and the wall: Who said that a sofa had to “be glued” to the wall? By leaving a small space between the two, you can fit different storage elements into it.
  • Under furniture: under sofas, beds, dressers, in short, wherever possible (even under the drawers with wheels).

Buy Some Modular Furniture

Treat yourself with the best aesthetic and modular furniture so you can feel comfortable in your tiny house. It can be, for example, a storage chest bench, a storage bed, a Murphy bed with a desk, a raised bed with storage, a headboard niche, a bookcase headboard, or a dessert table.

Do Some Construction Work

You don’t necessarily have to move out to get more space. Some works can revolutionize your interior. For example, you can dig niches in the walls or even install a mezzanine if your ceiling height allows you.

Don’t Underestimate the Psychological Effect of the Decoration on Your Mood

Good decor doesn’t make a room bigger, but it gives an impression that it is, and that’s not bad! So our recommendations for you are:

  • Large windows introduce natural light into the room, and the more the light is reflected into your living spaces, the larger they look.
  • Bay windows have many benefits beyond decoration, since they can play 2 roles at the same time: They can be customized as a seat with storage and they allow the daylight into your home.
  • Mirrors can trick your eye and create an illusion of a larger space! They can make it seem like you have a huge area and help open up your space while you actually live in a small place.
  • Go for light paints rather than dark tones. Light paintings make the room feel more spacious.

Enjoy an Extra Room With a Storage Unit

A storage unit is considered as a simple, flexible and economical solution adapted to every need. How it works? You choose the storage location in your region, the size of the box and the rental period, and you are then free to access this unit 7 days a week whenever you want. Your goods are then stored in a clean and dry environment and monitored 24 hours a day.

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