7 Great Ideas For A Cozy Bedroom

7 Great Ideas For A Cozy Bedroom

The bedroom is the one place we all escape to after a long tiring day for a little warmth, softness and privacy. Unlike the other rooms in our homes, the bedroom is the least public space which makes it the perfect spot for retreating into our shells when seeking comfort and relaxation. But what are the best cozy bedroom ideas to try?

To create that warm, cozy and private space feeling, we have compiled a number of ideas that involves incorporating textures, wood accents as well as earth tones to get you started.

Here are the best cozy bedroom ideas

The Magic of Lights

We can’t talk about factors that’ll help us create a cozy bedroom without mentioning lights. The key is to concentrate on low light. If you have overhead fixtures in your room, then it is best to turn them off and allow soft lightning from bedside lamps or other ceiling lights that will not be harsh and shining directly on you while you’re in bed.

Bedroom lamp on a night table

Bare Windows

Having large bare and cold windows in a bedroom often takes away from its snug and cozy feeling. There are a couple of things that you could do in order to deal with this. You could either use Roman blinds or transparent rollers and both will work perfectly to cover up your windows, or, opt for a more classic look by using curtains. Stay away from curtains with bold patterns though as they may disrupt the balance of textures and patterns in you room.


Irrespective of the size of your bedroom, wood always creates that feeling of warmth in the room if incorporated on the walls. This is possible by using something as simple as a board cladding which will be sufficient. Another way to achieve this is through the use of wallpapers that simulate wood cladding. This is a brilliant idea in case you can’t find real wood or if you’re on a low budget and want something that is affordable.

cozy bedroom ideas form modest home

Colors and Natural Materials

Colors and textures play a huge role in creating that cozy bedroom that you’re dreaming of. Always opt-in for calm and soothing colors and textures as opposed to bright colors. Introduce small patterns that complement each other and that create rich textures rather than bold patterns that don’t aren’t meant for bedrooms in the first place. You could use elements such as faux-fur throws, neutral tones of cozy knits, and many other alternatives that can be incorporated for a cozy feel.



Always have rugs on the sides of your bed. Soft area rug gives warmth to the room and should be the first thing your feet touches when getting out of bed. Bear in mind though that cozy moods aren’t necessarily created by laying down rugs or carpets in your room. However, it adds extra warmth and texture. There are various types of rugs out there so pick the one that you love and that’ll add the softness and warmth that you sought after.

Low angle of bedroom interior

Opt for Four-Posters

A lot of people may not find four-poster beds to be the ideal option for their rooms, but the fact is, four-posters provide the ultimate warmth and cozy feeling. Some come with curtains and frills but if you’re not a fan of these, then you can get the simpler version which has only the posts with no fabric or crossbeams. Accentuate the warmth and coziness by adding soft linens, pillows, and duvet.

follow these cozy bedroom ideas from modest home

Say No to Tech

We are always advised to make our rooms be low-tech as much as possible because you can never truly disconnect while you have your tech gadgets around. For a relaxing and cozy space, add natural elements such as flowers, books, etc instead of phones and tablets.

Young man using a smartphone in his bed at night

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