7 Creative ways to use window dressings

There are various window dressing options in the market, with different shapes, sizes and colors. While most of us use them in a more traditional way, they can serve in a different way.

Windows covering can be used in a more creative way to serve multiple purposes. And here are some ideas on how to use them creatively.

Ideas for using windows coverings

Divide your room

Concrete walls are thick, and can take from the space available. With this in mind, using an easy to install and lightweight option is the way to go. If you have a large room and want to make it fit for 2 purposes, you can use curtains to divide the space. Curtains don’t need much floor space, you just have to hang the rod as high as you can. 

For example, you can seperate where you sleep from your work space, to focus better while working. Not to mention having a good night sleep without any distractions.

Protection from weather factors


Some window dressings can help in keeping sunlight, dust and rain out. For keeping sunlight out, use blackout window furnishing, to help you sleep better and keep your home cool.  In addition, it will help in protecting your interior from direct sun rays, which may harm the furniture. 

For balconies, blinds work the best, as t. They can also prevent the A/C air from escaping, thus reducing your energy consumption. 

Added privacy

You can use window dressings to increase your privacy against snoopers. You can use blinds or shades with light fabric, if you want to enjoy sunlight and privacy at the same time. But if you can do without sunlight entering your home, go for blackout dressings. You can open blinds partially, to let light in and enjoy privacy during that time.

Zoning to reduce distractions

As we mentioned earlier, using window dressing to divide your room can create a private space, with no distraction. You can create a studying or working area in your bedroom or living room without high cost.

A lightweight small-sized wardrobe door

Your room is small, and you want to fit everything in it without cluttering, dispense your wardrobe door for a smaller lightweight option. You can use draperies or curtains instead of the conventional wardrobe doors, which usually requires extra space to be able to open and close them.

To save space, you can use rods and hangers on the wall and create an illusion door with curtains.

You can use window dressing in different shapes and sizes, to go with your overall room interior.

Create a different vibe


Some home dressings can create a different unconventional vibe in your home, soft curtains can give your room a cozy feeling. You can use them around your bed for a soft dreamy touch, use some soft billows to complete the look.

You can create different looks using different curtain styles.

Instead of headboard

If your bed is located under the window, use window dressings instead of conventional headboards, to increase privacy and keep the light off your sleeping area.

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