Get the Most Out of Your Minimalist Kitchen

6 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Minimalist Kitchen

Some people might mistake modern or minimalist styles to be all about the items displayed. This is far from the truth. Your choice of colors, layouts, the décor you’ve chosen as well as patterns, all come into play. In other words, it’s about creating a simple interior style. Create a minimalist kitchen following these concepts.

A kitchen is popularly known as the working zone and is one of the most used rooms in any home. Being the heart of every home, it plays a number of different roles such as a storage area, a temporary office or a homework area for the kids, etc. And because of all these, it usually becomes difficult to keep our kitchens clutter-free.

But there’s no need to worry. There are several things that you could do to make room for a spacious kitchen.

Toss Your Microwave

You have two options. Either get rid of the microwave completely or at least put it out of sight. Whatever you do using the microwave can also be done using your stove so there’s no need to give it a lot of thought. The quality and flavor of your food will be the same, probably even better.

Man heating bowl of soup

Three Knives Are Enough

No one needs more than three knives in their kitchen mainly a paring knife, a bread knife, and a chef’s knife. In some households though, you will find knives pretty much in every corner of the kitchen whether in the drawers, on countertops, on kitchen islands, you name it. This is very unnecessary and only clutter your kitchen.

minimalist kitchen design with small number of knives

Fancy Gadgets

There are many kitchen gadgets out there that look fancy and that come in different shapes, forms and perform several functions. As the world becomes more advanced technologically, more and more of such gadgets are being sold. Although some of these gadgets are vital and come in handy every now and then, the truth is, we can do without them.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying you shouldn’t purchase and use kitchen gadgets in your kitchen. Not at all. We’re just saying, purchase a gadget that you really need and that will add value to your life.

spiralizing courgette raw vegetable with spiralizer

Get Rid of Extra Dishware

If you are a family of three or four, then you definitely do not need more than 4 or 6 dinner plates and a few glasses. You can store away any extra crockery that you may have for occasions when you have guests coming over for dinner for instance. Filling your kitchen with dishware that you hardly use only creates clutter and takes up space.

Drapes in dining room interior

Storage Solutions

No matter what we say, the importance of storage in any home cannot be overemphasized. Especially if we’re dealing with a modern or minimalist kitchen. As we pointed out earlier, keep only items that you use on a daily basis and toss anything else of no use or donate them.

However, if there are items that are of no use to you in the meantime, but that you’d still like to keep, then store them away neatly until they’re needed.

Go for Neutral Tones for a minimalist kitchen design

To get the most out of minimalist or modern kitchens, always opt-in for neutral tones and some examples include off whites, soft beiges, etc. This is because these colors add more visual space to your kitchen by reflecting incoming sunlight. Popping colors don’t go hand in hand with minimalist kitchens and thus should be left out. However, a tinge of such colors can be allowed for backsplashes and some kitchen accessories.


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