6 Modern Wall Designs to Display Your TV

6 Modern Wall Designs to Display Your TV

Since the 20th century, television has been an important element in everyone’s home. However, one thing that poses as a challenge for all homeowners in general, is how to incorporate their TV into their home in a manner that will contribute to the atmosphere as opposed to detracting from it.

The good news is, nowadays, it has become easier to seamlessly blend TV sets into our living rooms. There are several possibilities that one can consider when it comes to the design of the TV wall and how it’ll interact with its surroundings. TV wall design has become an important feature of any living room and is crucial to the overall décor of your home. How and where to place your TV set needs ample thought because, at the end of the day, the last thing you’d want is for your TV set to be in contrast with a room’s décor.

There are numerous ways and styles to display your entertainment system and integrate it with your home’s design. With the help of top interior designers, we have compiled a list of ideas to aesthetically make your television stand out.

Pallet Walls

One unique and innovative way to make your entertainment station outstanding is by having pallet walls. Besides the fact that this design will render your television a separate visual entity, you can also surround it with shelves to accentuate its modern appeal.

Frame around the TV

Building a frame around your TV is a beautiful design that can make it look amazing and ends up being more of a decoration than just a piece of electronic equipment. Hiding all the wires and cables will make your TV stand out more. Applying wood treatment to the wall will leave an empty section around your TV set and will show the concrete wall behind it.

tv frame


Another modern way of displaying your entertainment system is by surrounding it with storage. Your TV is placed inside a cabinet with shelves and storage cubbies. Bear in mind that the TV itself is not hidden whereas the shelves and storage cubbies around the television are all hidden behind closed doors.

Open Shelves

Having open shelves around your television can also be another great idea which will make it look sort of like a frame as well. This is practical in the sense that you can use the shelves for storage. You can also create a contrast by introducing closed storage modules which will make it aesthetically pleasing.

Modern living room with home cinema system - 3d rendering

The Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then you can take advantage of that by placing your TV above it. This should fit perfectly and in addition to that, you’ll have a lot of room on the wall around the fireplace to add decoration and can even be used to add storage units.

Interior of living room with stylish fireplace 3D rendering 2

Align TV with the Fireplace

If for any reason you are unable or do not want to have your TV placed above the fireplace, another option will be to have your television in line with the fireplace or placed next to it. The linking between the two can be done visually in numerous ways and the end result will be astounding.

Home cinema in rustic stryle with fireplace

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