5 Ways to Save Space in Small Kitchens

5 Ways to Save Space in Small Kitchens

Every woman’s dream is a home with a large and spacious kitchen. Spacious shimmering worktops, from jars to kitchen appliances, large or spacious kitchen cabinets that take everything. Don’t you feel like preparing food in narrow and packed kitchens? What if your kitchen is larger than you think? I wonder if you couldn’t realize the kitchen accessories because you couldn’t correctly position the kitchen accessories? Sure it is! The important thing is not the kitchen square meter, but the right position. Here are 5 steps to help you save more space in small kitchens.

Get Help From Bread Boxes!

Bread box on white

Let’s get rid of any clutter on the counter. Of course, everything has a place. For example, the bread we buy is always hanging either on the counter or on the kitchen door. This is a wrong positioning. Bread boxes can serve two purposes here because you can keep your bread in them in addition to adding stylish detail to the look of your kitchen. By placing your bread box on your refrigerator, we can open the counter a little.

Stop the Clutter

dish drainer isolated

As there are few people at home, so the dishes will not accumulate, instead of the machine, I’ll wash it in two minutes! Bu Do not place the washing dishes on the counter to drain and dry. This will add a more crowded look to your kitchen than it is. Use dishwasher models to help dry your dishes, cups and forks more hygienically and regularly. So you can wash as many dishes as you want and arrange them.

Spices Where?

Various spices

Spices, pulses, teas, coffees and more! Generally, when the number of jars that we place on the counter or placed in the drawers increases, it gives an irregular and crowded appearance. Set yourself priority order. Separate the two most used spices or pulses during the day. For example, if you drink a lot of coffee, you can put the coffee jar on the counter in a decorative way. More than two jars will get tired, so it’s good to use jar organizers. You can position your jars regularly with organizers that you can hang on the cupboard door or drawer.

Let’s Keep small kitchens Hygienic!


Different types of sweet cookies.

Don’t keep the spices and the like in the package. Moreover, you should always use a storage container as an unpacked food loses its freshness in a short time. For example, we buy cookies, eat some inside and leave them in their packaging, and tie the mouth of the package. Instead, you can extend the freshness life by placing it in the storage container, and get rid of the dirty look and get a more tidy look.


folding chairs isolated

Eating in the kitchen is always more practical, isn’t it? Kitchens are an ideal dining area if there is no room to put a dining table in the lounge. Your kitchen may be small but having a nice meal in your small kitchen is not an impossibility. A very practical suggestion is to use folding tables and chairs. These have always come in handy in narrow spaces.

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