5 Details to Consider for Minimalist Bathroom Decoration

5 Details to Consider for Minimalist Bathroom Decoration

The rising trend of minimalism in recent years has affected our living spaces enormously. It has caused the need to move away from the chaos of modern life and the city and to focus on functional designs with fewer items in our living spaces to catch the serenity.Even though this trend is seen more in the parts of our home life, especially in the living rooms and bedrooms, however, minimalist bathroom decoration is as important for decoration enthusiasts who adopt this approach. If you intend to turn minimalism into your philosophy of life, we have listed 5 details for you to answer the question of how minimalist bathroom decoration should be! For your inspiration, we shared examples of bathroom decoration.

Few Goods Multi Functionality!

Modern black and white bathroom

Minimalist bathroom decoration needs to be considered in the first place as much as possible to stand out from the crowd. First, get rid of all the unimportant items that have been in your bathroom for a long time and that are of no good use for you. The fewer the items, the stronger the minimalist space. The next step is to store all your favorite items that are visible and often used in a stylish yet simple bathroom cabinet. These items include; your toothbrush, toothpaste, small jewelry box, hairbrushes, creams, spare towels etc.

Get Calm with Neutral Colors!

modern bathroom with white wall

While considering ideas for minimalist bathroom decoration, one should forget about colors. Black, white and grey are just the colors for your bathroom. Maybe you can add another shade of wood color that you can use on the cabinet surface. The result of urbanization and crowding is the small houses, hence the small bathrooms. For this reason, it should be your priority to capture a calm environment with as few colours as possible. Especially the colours you will use on your walls such as white and light grey which should make your bathroom more spacious than it is. If you say it would be nice to add some movement, you can take advantage of the tiny ceramic tiles on the floor.

Get Help from the Mirrors!

Round mirror above white cabinet in simple bathroom interior. Re

Mirrors are an essential part of bathroom decoration, both for functionality and to help your bathroom take on a wider and more spacious environment. If you want to save your personal belongings and save space, you can choose from the bathroom mirror cabinet models. However, instead of cabinet mirrors, you can pick decorative mirrors that will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Rounded or square-shaped mirrors with solid coloured frames will help reflect your minimalist spirit.

Shower cabin or bathtub?

Although the use of bathtubs is becoming less widespread in today’s increasingly smaller square meters of houses, a small white tub placed in a corner of the bathroom free of shower curtains will provide a trendy look. If you don’t have enough space to fit a bathtub, a shower compartment with the same floor ceramic as the bathroom with a glass partition instead of a shower cabin helps give your bathroom a simpler look.

Bathroom decoration Accessories and Bathroom Textile

Stack of towels with a soap dispenser and roses in vasein a bathroom closeup

It is necessary to pay attention that the bathroom accessories you choose are designed in the simplest form . Furthermore, the colour selection of the bathroom textile products you will use should be aimed at capturing a minimalist atmosphere. Make sure to choose the towels in soft and solid colours as well as your bath mat. If your floor tiles are patterned, they should be flat and immobile.

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