14 Tips to Maximize your living room space

14 Tips to Maximize your living room space

It is no less than a dream for inhabitants to supersize their cute and small living space. There are clever hacks that can make your smallest room feel perfectly proportioned.  
 Studio apartments are more common than ever. There are a lot of people who love to live in the space that is easy to maintain and light on their pocket. However, at times the compact space makes them feel inferior and irritated. Injecting soft and pastel shades in your living room is one of the easiest ways to make it appear bigger. 
Read on to know a few more inspiring ideas to maximize the potential of your small living room.

1-Let the natural light take over:

Living room with window wall

You are lucky if your room has access to tons of natural light. Never block it with dark curtains. Let it pour in as it will make your space more airy and open. If you don’t have access to natural light, don’t worry. Let the lighter and pastel shades take over to maximize the light you can have. Semi-sheer shades can also be a great choice.  

2-Accentuate the best features of your room:

Modern apartment with white walls and light wooden floor

This is a strategic approach of assessing the assets of your room and focusing on the room for an appealing approach. If you have got natural light, play with it and if not add a centerpiece to draw attention towards. 
For example: You can add a fireplace. It looks classy and decorative.    

3-Play with a large rug:

Elegant living room interior with a dark blue couch and a matchi

A larger rug with large and bold patterns can make your room appear bigger. Unlike smaller rugs, large rugs don’t break the floor visually rather they unify it. Apart from that, larger rugs cover the complete floor and give you an anchor space to play around. 

4-Add storage near the ceiling:

Storage set up near the ceiling is hard to spot. Most of the people are unable to spot it at first glance. Moreover, it can be easily camouflaged in the color of ceiling. You can stash off any clutter in these cabinets and keep your home clutter-free. This kind of off-the shelf storage is ideal for kitchens. You can also create wall-mounted cabinets to keep your floor space free. Ceiling cabinets are a great way to trick the eyes of the beholder and enlarge your living space visually. 

5-Statement pieces are a great distraction:

Blanket on couch

A statement item can be an over-sized table lamp or attention grabbing art piece. You can also use an arm chair with attractive upholstery to be a distraction. This is a fabulous trick to draw the attention and make appear rest of the room bigger and clutter-free.

6-Swap sofa with a snugger for more living room space:

A bulky sofa fills up the space of your room quickly especially tiny rooms. What should be the right choice? Yes, to swap your sofa with an equally comfy choice. Snuggler is a 1.5 seat sofa that is equally comfortable but invades lesser space. It can easily accommodate a couple or a child with a parent. 
The floral upholstery of the snuggler can also give a botanical look to your room. This visual link makes your room appear larger.

7-Keep it cozy:

Winter cozy decoration

The smaller spaces are naturally cozy and inviting. Use the spaces near wall to set up the seating arrangement. A plush soft rug can make it further functional and super welcoming.

8-A dark paint colour:

Paint brush on a dark blue background. Free space for text.

It is not always the lighter shades that can change the visual effect of your room. A sophisticated dark and glossy paint act as the backdrop to highlight the colourful and bolt items. The small space can be converted into a jewel box. Painting the ceilings with the same dark colour and brighter furniture shows off a sense of intimacy.

9-Make it multipurpose:

Retro interior design

A smaller space needs to be used creatively and cleverly. You need to integrate the dining room, living room, office and guest room into one available space. It means you need to introduce multipurpose furniture irrespective of their shape and size. Right layout pieces and make your room look great and solve all your purposes. 

10-Introduce Ottomans:

Girl reading book on ottoman in library

The traditional piece coffee tables are the best way to make use of little space. They can be used as the table to keep flowers or books and extra seating space when guests arrive. Ottomans strike the perfect balance between formal and casual. 

11-Opt for low floor seating:

A lower sofa means higher ceilings. It is a great way to play with scale and proportions. Adding a small table on the side of lower seating arrangement can enhance its looks. Adding a pillow to this seating arrangement can make it more comfortable and stylish. 

12-A strategic display of artwork:

Simple posters hanging on grey raw wall in study corner living r

Artwork can help you explore the visual qualities. If displayed in a thoughtful manner, it can accentuate or expand the height of your room by tricking your eyes. Moreover, it makes your living room a fun space.

13-Smart lightning:

Prefer lightning that can be attached to walls, ceilings or floor of your living space. It saves up the space and frees the space of your side tables by removing lamps. 

14-Vertical decoration:

colorful pastel chalks background texture

Go for living room wallpapers that perfectly complement your lounge. Choose a corner and paint it white. Now decorate it with some brighter shade vertical geometrical pattern that pulls the eyes towards the ceiling. This pattern will leave a clear and bright impact.    

Will you incorporate these space-saving and space enhancing ideas into your space to convert your compact home into a sufficient spaced room. These clever hacks and decorating tips will inspire you to invite more guests to your place without giving a second thought.      

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