10 ways to make your living room look elegant on a budget

10 ways to make your living room look elegant on a budget

Remodeling or redecorating your living room may seem daunting in a limited budget, fortunately, it is not. There is always a modest and minimalist approach to create elegant designs.

Discover 10 simplest and least expensive ideas that will change your living room definition.

Crown Molding- Details matter

Crown modeling fills the gap between walls and ceilings. First and foremost, it finishes the looks of your room and gives it an elegant appearance.

It should be noted that the decoration technique fits in every budget. Above all, it adds glamour to your house.

Paint-the colours you chose matter

Choosing the right colour for your walls is a tough decision because all the remaining part of the décor depends upon it.

It is important to understand the hues to add instant elegance to space. You can make a choice between bold, dramatic and soft colours as per your liking.

Pillows- the comfort factor

Pillows boost the elegance factor of the room indeed. In addition to that, they allow your guests to make themselves a bit more comfortable, lazy and cozy.

Choose over-sized, down-filled pillows for a plush appearance.

Window Treatment: Must-haves

A room looks unfinished and cheap without proper window treatments. Luckily, it is the most inexpensive way to enhance the elegance of your space.

Apart from being a vital part of the decoration scheme of a room, window covers ensure much-needed privacy as well.

Stick to thick fabrics and elegant materials such as natural silk, cotton and linen. Bamboo shades or wooden blinds can be a great choice too.

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Opt for unique hardware finishes

You may come across many inexpensive hardware choices but, never fall prey to them. Adding a few extra bucks to the same amount can make you own a unique hardware structure.

Flea markets and antique shops are undoubtedly, the best places to look for distinctive and elegant hardware. This will give you that elegant living room look.

Lightning does make a difference

Choose designer lighting fixtures instead of the standard ones. Chandeliers add elegance and style to the room.

A few tricks can help you get a high-end look. Pay a visit to second-hand stores and flea markets to get classy products.

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Give preference to hardwood over carpet

Wall-to-wall carpeting is soft, but it is not elegant at all. Hardwood is refined, classy and graceful.

Undoubtedly, it is a big investment, but it is something that will get you good returns.


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Accessories your living room

Usually, homes lack elegance factor because of the absence of necessary accessories. Decide an accessory theme for your home and work accordingly. Opt for golden shade if you like wealth and riches.

Golden pictures, golden mirrors and golden tables can create an atmosphere of elegance.

Not every furniture is expensive

Plush couches may seem expensive initially, but they prove to be best in the long-term. Going to second-hand stores and estate sales is perfectly okay if you are tight on budget.

You can get them reupholstered and they will be as beautiful as new indeed.

Unclutter your space

It is the most efficient and inexpensive way to enhance the elegance of your space. Make a weekly schedule for dusting and vacuuming. To sum up, declutter your home.

Remove stains and marks from the carpet and let the natural light enter the room. In short, make your space bright and welcoming.

Wrapping up

Create a budget for everything. Avoid products that are too cheap as they will not last long. Shop from local and second-hand stores for better deals.

At last, be creative. To summarise, innovation and creativity is the key to elegance.

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