10 tips to make your small bathroom modern & STYLISH!

10 tips to make your small bathroom modern & STYLISH!

It is no secret that it is everyone’s dream to have big bathrooms in their homes, however, don’t be deceived into thinking that smaller bathrooms are anathema. Many design professionals know that what you do with your bathroom is more important than how big or small it is. The tiniest of bathrooms can be transformed into a stylish and luxurious space with the right layout and accessories.

As usual, we have done a little research and came up with a number of ways to help you add a touch of glamour to your small bathroom.

Throw out your bathtub

Want to significantly free up a lot of space in your bathroom? Get rid of your bathtub. You read that right. Bathtubs eat up twice as much floor space than a shower. Throwing out your bathtub will drastically open up your small bathroom. Besides, showers are better alternatives for adults and guests in general because they use less water and are quicker too.

Modern bathroom with picture



You will need to consider upping your bathroom’s storage capacity through shelving. For small bathrooms, installing narrow and open shelves would be best so as not to visually eat up space with closed shelves. The shelves should be installed at eye level and should have the same color as the walls.

You may not have sufficient space to hang extra shelves thus, resorting to recessed shelves may be your only alternative. You will need the help of a professional in this case though.

modern bathroom


Unused Toilet Area

For far too many times, the space above a toilet is never used and you can imagine how much wall space is wasted here. Installing a floating shelf, a towel railing, etc above the toilet tank will definitely be a game-changer. You might also want to consider using a rounded bowl to create extra room for your legs.

Interior modern stylish bathroom with white toilet


Opt for Glass

Using a glass door instead of a shower curtain may cost you more but there is no doubt that seamless glass is more durable and will instantly give your bathroom a modern look. It will also add to your bathroom’s spaciousness.

modern bathroom with brown tiles


Beautiful layered lighting

Using one overhead bulb for your bathroom is not going to cut it. Since you’ll be using the bathroom for half the time after sunset, you will definitely need more decent lighting. To give your bathroom that open and welcoming feeling, place sconces alongside your mirror or one above the toilet or maybe just next to your shower. This will significantly improve your tiny bathroom’s layered lighting and make it visually seem bigger.


Elegant Textures and Patterns

You can add character and depth to your small bathroom with strong textures and patterns. But beware of using too-dark colors as they’ll make your bathroom look even smaller than it actually is.


Mirrors are amazing. Not only do mirrors help reflect light around but also help make the bathroom space seem bigger and more spacious than it really is.

Two sinks with mirrors in the minimalist bathroom


Lighter walls and dark floors

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial color is especially in small bathrooms. While darker hues will make the space closed in and cramped, light-colored walls will have the opposite effect because they reflect light. Darker colors should be left for the floor to create a beautiful contrast with the light-colored walls.


Slim Design Furnishings

In terms of bathroom furnishings, you should always opt for slim designs be it your towel railings, mirrors, vanity as well as shelves and other storage furniture.

Accent Walls

A surefire way to transform the look of your small bathroom is with accent walls. Although too much bright color can visually make your bathroom smaller, accent walls will add depth and make the space interesting. The accent wall should be on the back wall so it can be seen immediately you walk in. It should be painted with a beautiful color and should have nice tiles too.

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