10 Must-haves for a wonderful Bedroom

10 Must-haves for a wonderful Bedroom

We spend almost one-third of our lives in our bedroom. It is the place that embraces us with all the love and compassion after long and hectic days. Technically, we spend the most peaceful hours of our life in our bedroom.
It is the place where we start our day and end it. The place has to be calm, organized and rejuvenating. There should be something one should look forward to each day while returning home.While the proper air, light, comfy beds and pillows are must, there are a few other things that need to be there in order to fill your sanctuary with utmost love.

1-A comfortable rug:

It is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about the comfort of your bedroom. No one likes to waking up in the morning and experiencing the coldness of the floor as the first thing. A fluffy rug can make your getting-out-of-the-bed experience a big comforting. Moreover, you will enjoy the sense of style it will bring. Ideally, you should be covering the whole carpet area to ensure a better look. Also, you can take help from a rug guide to take proper measurements.


A theme has the power to unify the interiors of the room in a very calming way. The theme of the bedroom should be based on the colour of your choice. It should be soothing for your eyes and peace generating. Try to avoid brighter and darker shades for the walls of your bedroom.  The themes can be based on some design as well.

3-Things you love:

A bedroom is a place where you belong. How it can be complete without a little piece of you? Fill the place with the things you love, things that make you feel alive and keep you intact. It can be an art piece, photographs of your family and friends or expensive decorative pieces. A few people keep on adding furniture and accessories to their room because seeing new furniture makes them happy when they wake up.

4-Well-stocked nightstand:

Night alarms are not a new thing for our society. But, most of the people fail to take the maximum benefit of it. A night-stand is an ideal accessory to keep in the bedroom if you know how to use it. It should be a hard-working multitasker to make sure that your night goes smoothly. It should have enough space to keep a book, an alarm clock, a glass of water, spectacles, medicines or any other thing you may need.A multifunctional nightstand can serve you in more than ways you can even imagine. You can even use it as a breakfast table, reading stand or a table for your laptop.

5-Great Mattress:

A mattress serves as the basis of your good night sleep. Even the thought of quality linens and comfy pillows can make you feel relaxed and comfortable.The bed of the person should be inviting and sumptuous enough. I can bet that you will sleep peacefully if the first impression of your bed is so cozy and warm.


Photographs take you down to your memory lane. They are the reminder of the happy times we have spent with our family and friends. Adding photographs to your bedroom is like infusing those happy moments right in your life. They can be a great addition to your room because they will add happiness and a sense of warmth in your life.However, not everyone agrees with this logic. A few people believe in keeping the artwork of the bedroom free from emotions as it can be much overwhelming for them.In my opinion, any type of pictures or photographs in your room can evoke your good hormones.

7-Zero technology in your bedroom:

In this digital world, we are wearing out our lives in technology and gadgets. The tech world has so taken over us that we tend to forget our natural instincts and emotions. At times, we even feel to recognise our souls’ voice by keeping so much busy with the outer world.To avoid such a condition, make sure to cut your bedroom from the outer world of robotics. A bedroom is a place to relax and spend time peacefully. Cut out every technology from the room and immerse yourself in the love of furniture and accessories.

8-A place to sit:

A bedroom should have someplace to sit and relax. Not every time you would like to lie down or sit on your bed, it can make you feel sick or lazy. You may want to sit comfortably reading a book, talk to a friend while sitting and relaxing or simply having a conversation with your partner. You would love to have a couch or bench to sit and relax. It will also add some style quotient to your room.

9-Add a pinch of green:

Indoor nature is always a plus point, good for health, good for mood. They create a serene environment which detoxifies your room and helps you sleep well at night. You can either add a bunch of small plants or can choose for a bigger plant.
Apart from adding a natural aspect to your room, plants can take place of a centerpiece as well. A good plant effectively lulls you to sleep.


Last but not least, add fragrances to your room to make it a heavenly place. It adds on to the overall looks of your room. You can add this fragrance by using some scented candles, air purifiers or natural flowers. It can change the overall aura of the place.
Try making these additions to your room and you feel yourself feel the difference. These little additions, changes and modifications can inspire you and make you happy. So, add every new amazing accessory, fabulous furniture pieces and take every choice you want. Make your bedroom a place where you want to be!

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