10 Most fascinating Colour Ideas for your Small bathroom!

10 Most fascinating Colour Ideas for your Small bathroom!

Decorating a small bathroom is a daunting task and selecting the right colour for it is even harder. You keep looking for the perfect shade and design but, fail to reach the conclusion most of the times.
We keep ourselves tied to our comfort zone and that’s what stops us from stepping out.
In this blog, we will read how bright and bold colours and add spark and style to our powder rooms.

Add the burst of style

This colouring guide will convert your plain-jane powder room into a chic choice.

Vibrant Teal

The bright shade of teal will not only steal the show but will make quite a statement also. The vivid colour for the walls and ceiling represents a modern bathroom design.
The fixtures will pop and it really makes the subway tile backsplash.

Dramatic Black

Nothing can create a more sophisticated look other than the black combined with tweaks of silver.
For instance, imagine how a shimmery silver mosaic tile as the backsplash will make your space shine.


Why not incorporating the metallic shade into your powder room when the world is already going gaga over it? In addition to the glimmer and shine, copper will add elegance to space.
Use the brown and neutral shade mosaic tiles as a backsplash with a beautiful countertop to enhance the texture and interest.


The hot pink shade makes your powder room a bit more girly. Furthermore, add graphical designs in earthy tones with the pop of magenta to counteract the brightly painted walls.

Powder Blue

The colour combination is perfect for those who are not into bold and bright colours. This baby blue bathroom creates a subdued hue.
In fact, pair it with a sunny side yellow shade to liven up space.

Pretty Plum

Have you ever thought about femininity with a touch of rustic shade? If not, try dark purple tone for walls. Pair it with wood grain cabinets and vanity for a rustic look.
Push your limits to try out this unexceptional combination for a contemporary look.

Neon Yellow

How about having a youthful bathroom with an extra dose of energy and positivity? Most of all the yellow stripes are super fun.
The minimal fixtures and accessories will keep your space sane.

Cherry Red

The colour can be really overwhelming if used without a strategy. However, the vivacious shade is perfect for the kid’s bathroom.
Most interestingly, you can use the space above the toilet to create a picture gallery or a showcase for kid’s art. Get the paintings or pictures of enthusiasm freaks framed for an innovative look.

Serene Green

Pair up this soothing shade with white-coloured fixtures and accessories. Enjoy the dose of tranquillity and serenity with this natural shade.
Most of all, the colour adds a sense of rejuvenation into your life.

small bathroom dark colour

Rustic Orange

The bold colour eliminated the need for a backsplash. Paint your wainscoting instead of walls for an elegant and exciting look.

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