10 Amazing Tips to make your kitchen look spacious

10 Amazing Tips to make your kitchen look spacious

Everyone wants a bigger kitchen. We actually dream of it. But, is it that easier? Not everyone affords to call a contractor and get this pesky job done instantly especially when you know that the trends keep changing frequently. But there are better alternatives to have a spacious kitchen.

Whatever be the condition, working in a confined kitchen space is not easy. For sure you need ideas that can help you maximise your kitchen space without tearing down anything. 

To keep away from your contractor’s estimate you need to think out-of-the-box. A bit of creativity and lots of know-how can stretch your kitchen space. 

1-Let the white take over

 White colour is known to reflect light. It will make your kitchen appear open and airy. Not only walls, paint the kitchen cabinets and countertops with the same kind of white tone. Also, you should camouflage bulky pieces in your kitchen like radiators by painting them with the same shade as the wall. 

The same colour of everything including walls and cabinets will shift the overall dark theme to a lighter one. The lighter shade will create an illusion of boundless space. The idea works especially well with the kitchens of tiny studio apartments. Put this idea to use to create a fairly spacious kitchen.    

2-Go wild with natural light

Gloomy and small kitchens are the result if darkness. Dim lights can lead to making your space look confined. Make sure to make space for natural light in your kitchen. If you have windows, consider putting sheer curtains or no curtains at all. Sunlight instantly brightens up your space. To ensure privacy, you can put opaque curtains as well. 

More lighting can make your kitchen appear bright and airy. Install light over, below and inside the cupboards to give a perfect look. To highlight the beautiful focal point of your kitchen, you can use pendant lights. 

3-Eliminate clutter

Decluttered space dramatically impacts the space of your room. A clear counter space makes your kitchen feel more breezy and airy. Make it a habit to store your appliances in the cupboard or pantry. Choose a few limited and carefully selected products to display on your countertop. 

Eventually, too much decorative pieces can also lead to visual clutter. To minimize this, get rid of the decorative pieces including window coverings to declutter your kitchen visually. 

4-Utilize the vertical space

When the kitchen is small you are usually short with the floor and storage space. Installing vertical shelves, pegboards and magnetic strips for knives on the walls can be a great advantage. 

You can also add small shelves on the vertical space and use it for storing items like spices, kitchen towels or cups. This way you will end up keeping your working space clear.

5-Pattern floors

Kitchen cabinets and eletric oven on ceramic tiles floor, front view. 3d illustration

Horizontal lines or pattern create an illusion for our eyes that make the floor space appear larger. Try laying out tiles or wood parquet near the entrance of the kitchen space so that when you enter the kitchen space will look wider. The widening effect of horizontal strips can be a real game-changer.    

6-Spring for panel ready appliances

Panel ready appliances mean appliances that are designed with doors to match the interiors of your kitchen. The customizable doors of refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves blend into your kitchen effortlessly to create a harmonious and seamless visual impression of creating a larger space.    

This way the bigger appliances don’t take up the floor space of your kitchen and it looks spacious. It also adds to the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. 

7-Shine on

We know how putting up mirrors in your space makes it appear bigger. The same thing is applicable to the kitchen as well. The shiny appliances add depth and brightness to your kitchen. Sparkling floors, glossy tiles, and glossy cabinets, it is something we all should use.  

You can go for stainless steel. Practically, it will never go out of fashion and style.     

8-Create open shelving

If you want to create and an airy and sophisticated look of your kitchen, go for open shelving. Stock these open shelves with a carefully curated and attractive selection of serving-ware. 

If you don’t like the open shelves by chance, you can opt for replacing the wooden doors of cabinets with glass doors. However, removing the doors is always a better choice. 

There are people who are intimidated about displaying their serving-ware storage. They should consider open shelving for sure. Also, if you don’t feel like displaying it or if you don’t need it often, stop and think if you need it anyways.  

9-Slim down

The furnishings of your kitchen should be visually small, slim and lightweight. The kitchen stools with narrow legs make a perfect choice. 

You can find special furniture in the market created for narrow spaces. You can work more efficiently in the absence of bulk.   

10-Get moving










Movable furniture and pulling out cutting boards, items like these make a great space for limited space kitchen. You make up for your utility and save up the floor space this way.     


Your time to get worried because of your limited kitchen space has come to end with these tips. Say Goodbye to the troubles you are facing and relish the open space of your kitchen.  


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